Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot

Chateau St. Michelle Merlot

Chateau Ste Michelle is an American winery, situated in Washington state.  The wines from this area are becoming quite well-known and are carving out a name for themselves.  The vineyards have been in existence since the repeal of prohibition.

The wine we are reviewing is a 2011 Merlot, purchased at the Real Canadian Liquor Store here in Calgary, and is reasonably price at below $20.00.  We paired it with a Montreal spice chicken breast and sweet potato, all off the barbecue, and it was excellent.

To be truthful, I consider this purchase to be a steal and highly recommend it to our friends and readers.  Typical of Merlot, it was light and flavorful, with minimal earthiness. A very good pair to the spiced breasts.  There are hints of black cherry and some definite spiciness  There are many fruit flavors and it has a good finish.  In addition to pairing with food, it is very suitable for plain old every day sipping.

For more information on the winery, I have added a few links for you..

Home page






5 thoughts on “Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot

  1. This winery produces good values.


    • Very much so. We will be trying some other varietals May even head down there for an up close and personal look see. The website shows a pretty spectacular locale.


      • Friends of ours visited the winery … loved it so much they joined the club. (but I tend to like smaller wineries).


      • Agreed on the small ones Just hard to find sometimes.


      • Yep – visiting them is one thing, finding their wines is another matter.

        When visiting a wine region, I tend stop at wineries that I don’t know. So wonderful. 5-6 years ago we went to Paso Robles (Central Coast California) … a wonderful region with many wineries I didn’t know. I took me a year and a half to make a decision on which wine club to join. But most of the places we visited I don’t see in the stores here.


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