Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot

Chateau St. Michelle Merlot

Chateau Ste Michelle is an American winery, situated in Washington state.  The wines from this area are becoming quite well-known and are carving out a name for themselves.  The vineyards have been in existence since the repeal of prohibition.

The wine we are reviewing is a 2011 Merlot, purchased at the Real Canadian Liquor Store here in Calgary, and is reasonably price at below $20.00.  We paired it with a Montreal spice chicken breast and sweet potato, all off the barbecue, and it was excellent.

To be truthful, I consider this purchase to be a steal and highly recommend it to our friends and readers.  Typical of Merlot, it was light and flavorful, with minimal earthiness. A very good pair to the spiced breasts.  There are hints of black cherry and some definite spiciness  There are many fruit flavors and it has a good finish.  In addition to pairing with food, it is very suitable for plain old every day sipping.

For more information on the winery, I have added a few links for you..

Home page






5 thoughts on “Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot

    1. Very much so. We will be trying some other varietals May even head down there for an up close and personal look see. The website shows a pretty spectacular locale.


      1. Yep – visiting them is one thing, finding their wines is another matter.

        When visiting a wine region, I tend stop at wineries that I don’t know. So wonderful. 5-6 years ago we went to Paso Robles (Central Coast California) … a wonderful region with many wineries I didn’t know. I took me a year and a half to make a decision on which wine club to join. But most of the places we visited I don’t see in the stores here.


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