CampFires At The Lake Are Always The Best

Hanging out last night at our trailer in the BC Kootenays, watching the fire. Decided to check out the slow motion function on my phone. Turned out pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “CampFires At The Lake Are Always The Best

      1. It has been… So sorry I’ve been silent! Got caught up in writing more than reading and now I’m trying to catch up on some reading!
        Life is good. Working, trying to sell my house, so glad this heat wave has abated a tad…
        How about you?


      2. First few posts for me in a while as well. Lots of irons in the fire. Priorities change over time. Haven’t got back to the reading part yet. Spending some time reintroducing myself haha. Working on our leases lot in the mountains for the past while. Possible retirement location.

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