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Just A Picture – March 13, 2021

Today we hiked Eager Hill, just outside of Cranbrook, BC in Canada. We’ve been looking at this for over a year now and no one seemed to know where it was. After several attempts we decided to try this place on the highway that everyone goes to, and, sure enough, this was it. It is not called Eager Hill, and I don’t even know what it is called, but it’s the place.

The hike itself was gentle, around 5 miles or 8.5 km. Gentle uphill in most places and well worn. The app I use says an elevation gain of 239 feet to a maximum height of 3215 feet. Took us approximately 2 hours with several pauses for pictures.

COVID-19: Diary of an Outbreak — Routinely Nomadic


My friends on an accidental adventure.  Great blog, very entertaining.


My first post from over here, Reporting from Portugal, featured all the photos, travel stories and assorted idiocy you’ve come to expect from this blog. Now, however, it’s time to talk viruses, wouldn’t you say? 20 more words

via COVID-19: Diary of an Outbreak — Routinely Nomadic