Five Ways To Let Go And Embrace Life


As we move along life’s path, we forget to let go, to live life.  I read the attached article about one person’s discovery on how to embrace one’s life.  His philosophy is interesting and consists of 5 simple rules.

  1. Quit Something
  2. Take A Risk
  3. Embrace New Ways of Thinking
  4. Be Irresponsible
  5. Stop Putting Your Dreams on Hold

In our life, we have pretty much done all but number 5, and we are working on that diligently.

The article is here



20 Places to See

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This article gives the young and adventurous a terrific bucket list.  We’ve managed 1 of 20, and that for all of 90 minutes (New York City).  Several are still on our list.

The link is here.